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Order Herons, Storks, Ibeses/Ciconiiformes, Family Herons, Bitterns/Ardeidae

Reef Egret/Egretta gularis - Adult

L 55-68 cm, WS 88-112 cm. In region treated here breeds only in S Sinai, otherwise locally along Red Sea coasts (race schistacea); regular in small numbers at Eilat and Suez. Very rare vagrant Morocco from breeding sites mainly in Senegal (race gularis). Coastal habits; rests on shores, buoys, jetties, fishing poles etc. Fish-eater.
IDENTIFICATION: Two morphs, white and dark grey. Close relative of Little Egret, and white morph very like latter; same size and shape, except that bill is usually a touch longer, often deeper-based but through rest of its length narrower and almost always slightly curved (hint of sabre shape). Bill colour variable, usually yellowish with darker culmen. Legs greenish greyblack to halfway or more down tarsus, rest of tarsus and toes dull yellow; legs can be more extensively greyish-yellow. Immature white morph often has scattered dark remiges.

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