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Order Song birds/Passeriformes, Family Tits/Paridae

Blue Tit/Cyanistes caeruleus - Adult

L 10½-12 cm. Breeds in woodland, preferring deciduous or mixed woods, and in parks and gardens. Resident, but N populations move SW in some autumns, sometimes in huge numbers. Often seen at birdtables in winter. Readily hangs upside-down on nut-holders and at tips of birch twigs. Nests in hole or nestbox.
IDENTIFICATION: A smallish tit with a small but rounded head compressed into shoulders (often looks neckless). Shape combined with its lively disposition and strong head pattern, with black eye-stripe and small blue skull-cap on otherwise white head, give an attractive and captivating appearance. Underparts yellow with narrow greyish-black central stripe on belly. Wings bluish, with bright blue on greater coverts and wing-bend. Sexes similar (female usually a bit duller).
VOICE: Rich repertoire of mostly fine, clear calls. Main call a fast, high ‘sisisüdu’ with final note lower, sometimes just ‘sisisi’ (can sound almost as sharp as Grey Wagtail). Alarm a scolding series with ending stressed and somewhat halting, ‘ker’r’r’r’r’rek-ek-ek’. Song a couple of drawn-out, sharp notes followed by a silvery trill on lower pitch, ‘siiih, siiih, si-sürrrrr’; sometimes song consists of two rapidly repeated short verses, ‘si-si-sürrr, sisi- sürrr’ (Treecreeper-like voice).

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