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Order Song birds/Passeriformes, Family Wrens/Troglodytidae

Winter Wren/Troglodytes troglodytes - Adult

L 9-10½ cm. Breeds in woodland with dense undergrowth, in overgrown clearings and scrub, often in rank streamside growth and gardens, also on barren islands with hedges, shrubbery, walls etc. Resident; migratory in N Europe.
IDENTIFICATION: Very small, and this reinforced by ludicrously small tail that is often raised vertically, also by short neck; thus looks like a little ball. Reddish-brown above and brownish-white below with fine dark vermiculations. Bill quite long, pointed and slightly decurved. Sexes and ages alike.
VOICE: When nervous, a rattling, hard ‘zerrrr’ as well as single hard clicking ‘zeck!’ notes, the two sometimes combined in long series. Song amazingly loud for so small a bird, series of metallic ringing notes and trills roughly like a Canary or Tree Pipit, e.g. ‘zitrivi-si svi-svi-svi-svi-svi zivüsu zü-zü-zü-zü si-zirrrrrrr svi-svi-svi siyu-zerrrrr sivi!’. Sings mostly from cover.

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