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Order Waders, Gulls, Skuas/Charadriiformes, Family Sandpipers/Scolopacidae

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper/Calidris acuminata - Adult

L 17-21 cm. Breeds in E Siberia. Rare vagrant to Britain & Ireland. European records in May and Jul-Sep.
IDENTIFICATION: Resembles Pectoral Sandpiper, but in all plumages lacks its distinctive breast pattern, has whiter supercilium (esp. behind eye) against clear-cut rustier cap and more prominent white eye-ring. - Adult summer: Streaked upper breast, with variable but usually extensive dark chevrons (or arrowheads) on breast-sides, flanks and undertail-coverts. - Adult winter: Streaked breast, extending as streaks or chevrons (arrowheads) onto flanks and undertail-coverts (where streaks, if any, are very few and fine on Pectoral). - Juvenile: Usually strong orange-buff wash on breast, with streaking confined to thin necklace across upper breast; cap brighter, more fiery-rufous than on Pectoral, with clear white supercilium very prominent, especially behind eye.
VOICE: Flight-call a very distinctive mellow, plaintive, rather subdued ‘wheep’ or ‘pleep’, often doubled or repeated several times; can recall Swallow.

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