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Order Waders, Gulls, Skuas/Charadriiformes, Family Sandpipers/Scolopacidae

Terek Sandpiper/Xenus cinereus - Juvenile

L 22-25 cm. Breeds in lowland boreal taiga zone by rivers and oligotrophic lakes; also in harbours or at sawmill factories with floating logs. Winters in Africa, Asia and Arabia. On passage, seen mainly on coastal mudflats and pools, rare in W Europe. Nest is lined scrape in short vegetation.
IDENTIFICATION: Shape rather like large Common Sandpiper, but with very long upcurved bill. Occasionally wags rear body, and habitually picks insects from surface with quick, dashing actions. In flight, broad white trailing edge to wing recalling Redshank’s, but narrower and less contrasting; rump and tail grey. Upperparts and breast pale grey, with dark carpal area and (on adult summer only) prominent irregular dark stripes on upper scapulars. Bill black (adult summer) or with dull yellow or orange base; short legs dull or bright yellow, or (on adult) often orange.
VOICE: Flight-call a rapid series of 2-5 short, whistling notes, a highpitched ringing ‘vüvüvü’, at times recalling Whimbrel, though softer. Song a repetition of a usually trisyllabic unit, e.g. ‘ka klee-rreee, ka klee-rreee, ka klee-rreee, …’, somewhat recalling song of Stone-curlew.

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