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Order Partridges, Grouses/Galliformes, Family Gamebirds/Phasianidae

Rock Partridge/Alectoris graeca - Adult

L 33-36 cm. Breeds on rocky alpine slopes generally above treeline (but also in clearings and among scattered trees), mostly at 1000-2000 m, often with grass, scrub and low bushes; avoids Nfacing slopes. Has declined. Resident. Gregarious. Behaviour as for Redlegged Partridge.
IDENTIFICATION: Like Chukar; differs in: pure white bib; sharply demarcated black border to bib (varying in width in breast-centre: broad in Alps, narrow or even broken in Sicily); narrow white supercilium which often also crosses forehead; a little black bordering base of upper mandible.
VOICE: Territorial call usually irregular series of short, throaty, very hard notes, now and then interrupted by a rapid choking series, ‘chi check pe-tichek chi-chek chik chi-chek chi-cheay-cheay-cheay, pe-te-ti-ticheck chik te…’ and so on, thus often without the repetitive pattern of its relatives.

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