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Order Wildfowl/Anseriformes, Family Waterfowl/Anatidae

White-headed Duck/Oxyura leucocephala - Male

L 43-48 cm (incl. tail 8-10). Breeds on shallow, richly vegetated eutrophic lakes. Local and rare. Mainly resident. Reluctant to fly, prefers to swim for cover.
IDENTIFICATION: Small, but somewhat larger than Ruddy Duck, with proportionately somewhat larger head, immediately told by large bill with swollen culmen basally. - male: In spring characteristic, with huge, pale blue bill, pale brown body and largely pure white head; narrow blackish crown-stripe, and variably black on nape, neck and around eye (black eye patch usually isolated on white side of head). No white on undertail-coverts. In winter duller. - female: Dull brown plumage, similar to Ruddy Duck, but note distinctive bill shape, larger size, and more well-marked dark cheek-stripe.
VOICE: Mainly silent.

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