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Order Wildfowl/Anseriformes, Family Waterfowl/Anatidae

Red-breasted Goose/Branta ruficollis - Adult

L 54-60 cm, WS 110-125 cm. Breeds in small colonies on arctic tundra near coasts or along river mouths, often together with birds of prey (e.g. large falcon) as protection. Migratory. A very few accompany congeners to W Europe.
IDENTIFICATION: A trifle smaller than Brent Goose. Neck thick, bill very small. Plumage striking, deep chestnut-red, black and white, unmistakable at close range, but at a distance surprisingly dull-looking; then appears dark with broad white flank-stripe. - Adult: Only two (distinct) white bars (tips to wing-coverts) on closed wing. Red cheek patch large, leaving narrow white border. - Juvenile: 4-5 narrow white bars on closed wing. (Dull) red cheek patch small (virtually absent on some), leaving broad white border.
VOICE: A shrill, high-pitched ‘ki-kwi’ or ‘kik-yik’.

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