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Order Wildfowl/Anseriformes, Family Waterfowl/Anatidae

Snow Goose/Chen caerulescens - Adult

L 65-75 cm, WS 133-156 cm. Breeds in extreme NE Siberia (Wrangel Is) and N America. Genuine vagrant to Europe or, more often, escape from captivity.
IDENTIFICATION: Of Pink-footed Goose size. Two morphs. - Adult: Bill and feet reddish. White morph white with black primaries; dark morph (‘Blue Goose’) has only head, upper neck and tip of tail white, rest is various shades of grey, palest on upper forewing and on tail-coverts. - Juvenile: Bare parts dark grey. Plumage pale greyish with whitish uppertail and darker flight-feathers (white morph) or rather uniform dark grey (dark morph). - Can be confused with smaller Ross’s Goose A. rossii (p.389), but apart from smaller size that has much smaller bill.
VOICE: Has rather peculiar, soft, cackling notes with an upward-inflected diphthong, ‘koeek’. Alarm a deep cackling ‘angk-ak-ak-ak’.

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