• Птиците в България
    Птиците срещащи се в България
    Всеки вид с кратко описание, снимки и видео в естесвена среда. Снимки на местообитанията, които обитава.
  • Над 400 вида птици в България
    426 вида птици в България!
    Знаете ли, че България е на второ място в Европа по видово разнообразие на птици?
  • On-line определител на птиците
    On-line определител на птиците!
    Открий и познай птицата, която си видял.
  • Хиляди снимки на птици
    Хиляди снимки на птици!
    Над 4000 снимки на птици публикувани безвъзмездно от над 150 фотографа.

About the site

Our love for nature, with the sense of inner harmony it evokes in us, and the understanding of how vulnerable it is, were the driving forces for us to create this website and illustrate the huge species diversity and beauty of Bulgarian birds.

There are exactly 426 bird species in Bulgaria. Some can be observed all year round, even in our immediate environment, others are so rare, that few have been lucky to see them. At the moment, almost all bird species are presented in this website with a short descriptive text and photos of their habitat. Almost all species have been photographed in their natural environment andmore than half species have/are accompanied with short videos. Distribution maps are included also for many of the species. In this way, the website makes a comprehensive database for good more than a half of the Bulgarian bird species diversity. There is a tendency to constantly increase the number of birds presented with photos. Naturally, we are hoping to have all of the birds presented here one day, in a complete database, where one would be able to find information on any bird observed in Bulgaria, its food, habitat, characteristic behavior and sounds.

Maybe you have already come upon books that describe Bulgarian birds or nature in one way or another. To get the complete information, however, one will have to go through tons of atlases and bird guides, the Red Book, countless video materials and CDs with bird songs. Our idea is to have all of this in one place, so one can easily find what they are looking for and learn more about the birds, their songs, bahaviour and habitat, and, most importantly, to obtain deep delight from the beauty and richness of the Bulgarian birds and nature.

Acknowledgements to the people without whom all this would not have existed:

The photographers - the people who inspirited this initiative.
Simeon Simeonov and Taniu Michev, who created the “Birds of the Balkan Peninsula” bird guide which we used mostly for our descriptive texts.
Martina Ivanova and Georgi Gerdjikov, who did the hardest job of typing in the text.
Lyubomila Krivoshieva - for all the current news available.
Chavdar Gechev - for the Spanish translation of the website.
Boris Belchev, Emil Todorov, Nelly Olova and Stanislav Stanchev - por su colaboracion en la creacion de la guia de aves.
d-r Bojidar Ivanov and Lubomila Krivoshieva, who edited the descriptive texts and made them more intelligible.
Elena Yotkova - for the wonderful design.
PULSE Advertisement - for the technical realization.
Milen Dobrev – for his valuable help with the creation and programming of some of the functionalities in the website.
Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) - for the text descriptions to many of the birds and for the given opportunity to copy information for the distribution maps from their “Atlas of nesting species”.

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