• Птиците в България
    Птиците срещащи се в България
    Всеки вид с кратко описание, снимки и видео в естесвена среда. Снимки на местообитанията, които обитава.
  • Над 400 вида птици в България
    426 вида птици в България!
    Знаете ли, че България е на второ място в Европа по видово разнообразие на птици?
  • On-line определител на птиците
    On-line определител на птиците!
    Открий и познай птицата, която си видял.
  • Хиляди снимки на птици
    Хиляди снимки на птици!
    Над 4000 снимки на птици публикувани безвъзмездно от над 150 фотографа.

For register

Photos and videos


Who approves the images and videos about the species?
All photos and videos are being reviewed by photographers and ornithologists of long-time proven experience. Up

What are the selection criteria?

  • 100% clarity about the bird species;
  • Quality of the photo (focus, normal exposure, image clarity, composition, etc.);
  • Art value;
  • Picture of a species that has not been available up until now, and the one in question is of top priority;
  • Pictures of a species for which better photos are uploaded will be deleted; Up

How many photos/videos can I publish?
Each author can upload an unlimited number of photos or videos. Up

Why are the photos/videos not immediately published on the site?
Each photo or video is reviewed by a moderator: an ornithologist or photographer. That happens within 72 hours from the date of publication. Up

Can I comment on the photos and videos?
All users can comment on the photos and videos on the site. Comments of cynical, offensive, discriminatory or racist nature insulting one's dignity or the image of the site, as well as their authors/site participants will be deleted. Up

How can I publish a photo/ video?
Every photographer or cameraman can publish a photo or a video about a certain species. To be able to publish, you need to first register. Up

Who owns the copyright of a photo or video once I publish it?
All photos and videos are property of the respective author and only he/she is the copyright owner. The owners and developers of BirdsInBulgaria.org shall not claim any right to the photos or videos. Every author is free to put whatever sign or inscription he/she wants on his/hers photo/video showing his/hers copyright. The owners and developers of BirdsInBulgaria.org are not responsible for any copying of a photo or video which is published on the site. Up

Is the photo/video published only in BirdsInBulgaria.org?
BirdsofEurope.eu is an upgraded version of BirdsinBulgaria.org (site about birds in Bulgaria) and it entertains more functionalities. When a photo or video is published, the author can choose whether he/she wants it published on both sites or just in BirdsinBulgaria.org or BirdsofEurope.eu. Up

What should be the resolution of the photos?
The file size prior to publication should not be more than 1 MB. The system will automatically resize it to the necessary size upon publication. Up

What should be the format of the photos/videos?
We accept photos only in jpg and video clips in flv format. Up

How can I upload a video?
The video is published through “My video” section in the administration panel. You need to add a small thumbnail in every video in .jpg format. The size of the thumbnail should be up to 1 MB and the size of the video should be up to 5 MB. Up

How can the photos/ videos be used?
Anyone willing to use a certain photo or video should contact the respective author. The names of authors are listed in the authors section. Up

Will I have my own profile?
Every photographer has his/her own profile with a short presentation of himself/herself along with the photos/videos which he/she has published. The profile is visible only when the photographer/cameraman has published at least 1 photo/video. Up

Who can register on the site?
Anyone willing to contribute to the Birds in Europesite can register and publish photos and videos of birds. Up

Why do I need a registration?
Only a registered user can publish materials. Up

How do I register?

  • You can register by filling out a registration form.
  • On the listed e-mail, you will receive a message with a link on which the author should “click” to confirm his/her wish to register. After this, the author can publish photos/videos.
  • The profiles of the photographers who have not published a photo within a month after the registration, will be deleted. Up

Types of users and rights

  • Users – they can publish only photos and videos of birds.
  • Companies – they can publish photos and videos of birds. They can publish information about companies offering bird-related tours.
  • Newswriters – they publish news, photos and videos of birds.
  • Moderator – they can publish photos and videos of birds, companies offering bird-related tours. They can approve and/or delete photos and videos of users, approve or delete users and companies. Up
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